The Book's Lover

The Book's Lover
Damiano Cali

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Backstory: Hermia

I’m going by Hermia. Ask Naomi why.
Books, and the subsequent engagement of the mind was my second great love affair (the first was the stage). I'm little and dark (like one of the fairy people), and I learned to flirt from Scarlett O'Hara. The slight Southern accent, puffed up confidence, and overall excitement about life tend to lead people to want to pick me up like a pocket pal instead of listen to me. Screw 'em. I value cleverness above any other attribute, and love laughing (especially at my own jokes). I have a tendency to be directly in the spotlight, and I'm completely happy there. 

I am a fantasy geek, and prefer sword fights and dragons to swooning maidens, love, or other such nonsense. I will read anything once, but I typically tend to stay prior to 1700, academically. There are, of course, exceptions to that: I'm currently into YA, love dystopian lit, magical realism, and I'm the type of person who can pick up Shakespeare for fun. I'm a huge feminist, and much more Madwoman than Angel. Theoretically, I love post-Freudian queer and feminist theory, as well as some Marxism when I'm feeling feisty....

I work for Very Small College, as well. After a short, terrifying, soul sucking hiatus, I'm back in the classroom as an ENGL/COMM instructor. I love the thrill, slight theatrical quality, and watching that dawning moment of realization. Even more than teaching, I love sitting in a room of people and diving deeply into one book, paragraph, sentence, word.

And then I met Naomi… which benefits you, dearest reader, because we are ridiculous together and now you get to enjoy it.

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